Leadership Consultancy for eSports

A bit of a different article today, this is a concept piece regarding how gaming is a business and eSports players are the employees, and with that in mind, business to business services such as the service of Leadership Consultancy, which is about optimising a business and its employees, can be applied to eSports and their teams, if this all sounds odd, the rest of the article should help you to see the connections.

Leadership Consultancy for eSports
When you consider what a Leadership consultancy offers, and then compare it to the needs of a competitive eSports team, the connections are clear.

Mental Resilience

The extreme training, water tight routines and constant pressure from their teams, coaches, investors and sponsors can be extremely stressful, with the loss of a competition, especially when close to winning, can be heart breaking. The issue is that the stress and pressure can add up, causing worse performance in tournaments and a degrading mental health overall. A leadership consultancy would be able to help to remedy this by teaching the eSports team the special ways of handling this stress and how to avoid becoming stressed entirely by helping them to build a strong mental resilience, meaning that while they may not be able to avoid stressful situations, their outlook and mental resilience allows for them to take it all in their stride with no mental strain, meaning better performance and higher morale!

Physical Well being

There have been many links regarding the positive effects of exercise for gaming, with the idea of a healthy life style allowing for better game play. A leadership consultancy can put everything in place where its needed for massively improved physical well being, with suggested life style changes that allow for subtle yet extensive improvements in physical well being, and by extension performance during gaming tournaments.

Sense Of Purpose

Having a sense of purpose and understanding both the business purpose and how you aid and support that, can be great both from a morale perspective and also from a core understanding perspective, and while this may seem a simple or obvious thing, the fact is that Most Companies Are Failing at Purpose, with the effects of this being, in the best case, lower productivity, and in the worst case leading to bankruptcy! A leadership consultancy can help to ensure that the business has a clearly defined purpose and everyone within the business understands their role and level of support in reaching that end purpose, increasing productivity on top of morale.

Leadership Consultancy in eSports – To Conclude

As this article has now shown, an eSports team can gain a lot when working with a Leadership consultancy, especially when the consultancy works closer to the people within the business over the business processes. At the end of the day, eSports is a market and the teams are its businesses, all out to monetise where possible and maximise revenue just like any conventional business.