About Me

Howdy, thanks for being interested in learning a bit more about me and the Occasional Gamer Website!

About Me

My name is Luke, I’ve been gaming all my life, as most gamers of this generation can say, I have played games of all genres and have a particular love of finding hidden gems that didn’t get the popularity they deserved (Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines anyone?) with the hope of this blog to be able to help shed a light on them, while also discussing and writing about what I love: Games.

I’ve studied game design and understand the principles of how to make a game, including level design and creating an experience the player remembers, I also love analysing games for what made them great, which this blog will also cover.

About Occasional Gamer

This is simply a place on the internet for me to put my rants and opinions on gaming and the industry, my friend hosts it for free so I dont need to worry about any upkeep, meaning i can try to keep the site as ad free as possible!

I hope you enjoy your stay,